Easter Egg Raffle 2021


If you are familiar with Elmet Lions you will know that we organise fundraising events which aim to provide enjoyable entertainment value while raising money for charities, local organisations and international beneficiaries supported by our foundation, LCIF.

Such events have proved impossible to hold during lockdown and have left us wondering what we can do to raise money for good causes.

The next event on our calendar would have been the Easter Egg Raffle where a dozen or more local pubs would sell raffle tickets on our behalf to win a giant Easter Egg. Pubs are of course closed at the moment.

We are therefore going to put this event online and will offer a total of five baskets of Easter Eggs in five separate online raffles, each one to benefit a nominated charity. We will share the net profit from these raffles with each of them.

To take part just follow the directions to the Shop and decide which charity or charities you are going to support by buying a ticket.

On Good Friday we will select five winners and deliver their Eggs on Friday or Saturday to their addresses if they are in Sherburn, South Milford, Barkston Ash, Hillam & Monk Fryston, Ulleskelf, Saxton, Church Fenton or Burton Salmon.

Any winner from outside that area will be invited to collect their Egg from a Club member.