Easter Egg Raffles

Read about the club’s Easter Egg Raffles.

Easter falls on Sunday, 31st March in 2024. You can expect our Eggs to appear in local pubs from the beginning of March.

Easter Egg Raffle

First Easter Egg winner at the Maltings Tearoom

First Elmet Lions Egg Drawn Number 32 You’ve Won! Dave From Utility Warehouse  

Another Easter Egg winner at the Red Bear

Easter Egg winner from the Red Bear in Sherburn. Well done to Landlady Alexis for supporting Elmet Lions.  

Another winner at the Royal British Legion

The winner of the egg from South Milford Royal British Legion is Linda Hirst. Thank you to everyone who took

Another winner at the Peter Pan Charity Shop

Congratulations to Llew the winner of PeterPan Charity Shop's giant Easter egg.  

Another winner

Another winner of one of our giant Easter eggs. Well done Wendy Ambler for both winning and raising funds for

Easter Egg Raffle 2020

You may well have arrived at this page as a result of clicking on the QR code at a venue

Eater Egg Raffle 2019

Here are the locations where our Easter Eggs will be on display and where you can buy a £1 ticket