Support & Help

As we are suported by our local community  our first priority for donations and support is that same local community. However we are part of an international organisation of Lions Clubs and will also offer our assistance nationally and internationally. When we make an international donation we will generally do this via our Lions Cubs International Foundation (LCIF) as we know that any funds we send abroad will be provided to like-minded members of local or neighbouring Lions clubs. This  means that we can assure any UK donors about the local arrangements for disaster relief.

Unlike the Red Cross or other organisations whose sole purpose is disaster relief and who are obliged to pull out of an area by their own charter after immediate disaster relief, LCI is “in it for the long run”. You will therefore find that Yorkshire Lions are still supplying schoolbooks to Sri Lanka more than a decade after the Tsunami struck, while neighbouring Lions clubs across the border are still at work in Haiti.

Local causes

Local causes which have received our support include Sherburn Gymnastic Club, which we assisted in the purchase of a vaulting horse.


A local care home where a touring pantomime company put on their version of Jack and the Beanstalk