Inter pub quiz 2023

Calling all pubs and clubs!

It’s Inter Pub Quiz time coming up on Friday 20th October!

The Inter Pub Quiz has 100 questions to be answered within 30 minutes and it’s pub versus pub – the most correct answers in the shortest time!

So! at 830pm………..every pub taking part will be read 100 questions before 9pm from an Elmet Lion reader – and scored by an Elmet Lion marker,

The Pub has a team of people to answer the questions with a spokesperson who fields the answers from the team.

The reader and scorer tot up the totals and take the time and send it through to the chief scorer………and the winning pub is announced!

Because we are also raising money for Elmet Lions and the organisations we support locally – we will be passing the buckets round as there’s also a certificate for the pub that raises the most money!

Last year – 2022 – Swan Sherburn in Elmet came first with the most correct questions (92/100) and The Boot & Shoe Inn Barkston Ash came first with the most money raised (£125.22)

Can you beat that? Would you like to take part?

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