Inter Pub Quiz 2023

The following pubs are taking part in the 2023 Inter Pub Quiz competition:-
Swan at Sherburn,
White Rose FC,
Swan at South Milford,
South Milford British Legion,
Greyhound at Saxton,
Wheatsheaf Sherburn,
Fenton Flyer Church Fenton,
Boot and Shoe Barkston Ash and
Blacksmiths Arms Biggin.
Every pub finds a team and a team captain. At 830 on Friday 20th October the team will be read 100 questions in 30 minutes. Answers are taken from the team captain.
The team that answers the most correct questions in the shortest time is the winner and the team that raises the most money (it’s a fund raiser for Elmet Lions) also wins a certificate.
The results from last year are below