Inter pub quiz

Friday, 28th October we held our first inter-pub quiz in Sherburn and surrounding villages, with ten pubs taking part.

The format was 100 questions answered in thirty minutes, with the winners being the team that answered the most questions in the shortest time. Like Mastermind, we also took into account passes where scores were equal.

The trophy for the winning team went to the Oddfellows with a score of 67. Here’s a picture of Club President Ann Hudson presenting it. The camera’s flash seems to have added a topical spooky Hallowe’en look to the photo!

Inter pub quiz trophy presented to The Oddfellows

A second trophy will be presented to the pub which raises the most money towards the Defibrillator Fund. So far we have collected £498.47 from four pubs and are awaiting the collection buckets from the rest.

Thanks to all the pubs which took part and all who helped us run this highly successful event on the night.