LIBRA newsletter

LIBRA, the Lions International Blood Research Association has published its March 2018 newsletter.

This edition features their revamped Great Bake, news from the Trustees and Haematology Department at King’s College Hospital.

Great progress is being made with new treatments for patients with blood cancers as you will see when you click and download the newsletter:-

LIBRA Newsletter



Presentation about Lions Clubs International and Elmet Lions club

We attended the 15th February meeting of the Sherburn U3A group at the Eversley Centre and gave a presentation about Lions Clubs International, from its origins in Chicago in 1917 to its Centennial celebrations last year, covering the international, national and local aspects of the organisation of Lions clubs and focussing especially on Elmet Lions club’s activities in and around Sherburn.

We described how the unique structure of the Lion Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) meant that we always gave aid via local or neighbouring Lions clubs, ensuring traceability amongst other things.

We described the local support that we have given to Athelstan and Hungate schools, the Athletics Group, Peter Pan Nurseries, the Cricket Club, All Saints Church, the Visiting Scheme amongst others.

We will be giving a similar presentation to Milburn WI on the 15th March and will be pleased to come along to other local organisations and tell you both about the our organisation and what we do with the donations which the local community’s generosity has enabled us to make.


Easter Egg Raffle

In addition to the various pubs who are raffling our Easter Eggs you can also buy a raffle ticket from:-

Church Fenton Scouts & Brownies

South Milford Brownies

Peter Pan Nursery

Hungate School

Elmet Lions receive two awards at District Convention

The annual  Yorkshire District Convention took place on Saturday, 10th February, 2018 at the Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate.

Club President Ann Hudson received two awards from International Director Elisabeth Haderer; The District Governors club Award and the Lions Centennial Club Award.

Ann has steered the club from the low of comprising only two members to its present 10 members, soon to be more and in doing so has been instrumental in the club raising and disburding charity donations of aproximately £5,000 per annum.

Here she is receiving the two awards:-

Ann reecives the District Governor's Club Excellence Award
Ann reecives the District Governor’s Club Excellence Award
Ann receives the Centannial Club Award
Ann receives the Centannial Club Award


Easter Egg Raffle

It’s that time of year again.

Elmet Lions Easter Egg Raffle is taking place at a pub or venue near you! 

Here’s where you can buy a ticket to win a giant Easter Egg:-

Swan – South Milford
Cross Keys – Hillam
Plough – Burton Salmon
Ulleskelf Arms
Queen of the Old Thatch – South Milford
Royal British Legion – South Milford
Fenton Flyer – Church Fenton
Quality Hotel – South Milford
Ash Tree – Barkston Ash
Swan – Sherburn
Wheatsheaf – Sherburn
Oddfellows – Sherburn
Greyhound – Saxton
Crooked Billet – Saxton
Red Bear – Sherburn
Boot and Shoe
Scarthingwell Golf Club
Lumby Garden Centre

Here’s what an Egg looks like:-

Jack and the Beanstalk at Hilltop Manor Care Home

We were really proud on Monday morning (27th November) when we went to Hilltop Manor Care Home  – we facilitated the FABULOUS North Eastern Producers to perform the pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

When two girls arrived we were a little sceptical – but these two young ladies with fabulous voices and BAGS of enthusiasm played the parts of Jack, Jack’s Mum, Daisy the Cow and the Goose that lays golden eggs. Swift costume changes of gowns and wigs made this one of the best pantos I have seen in ages!

Here are some photos so that you can see what we mean:-

Jack and the Beanstalk stage Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime Jack's goose Jacks' cow Jack and the Beanstalk panto by North Eastern Producers


How we make donations internationally

Elmet Lions club is a member of the worldwide organisation of Lions clubs (LCI). One of the foundations that LCI has set up is LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation). It receives donations from individual clubs and makes grants to Lions clubs in areas where various disasters have taken place. The fact that donations are made to Lons clubs rather than governments or aid agencies means that the distribution of the grant, equipment or people resources is handled by like-minded member Lions and avoids the fear that the aid may not  reach its intended victims.

While many disaster relief grants are sent abroad there have been a number of occasions when they have been distributed within the UK, such as flooding in Cumbria and the Somerset Levels.

Unlike agencies such as the Red Cross, who are obliged by their constitution to withdraw from an area after the provision of immediate disaster relief, LCIF take a long-term view. For example we are still providing schoolbooks to Sri Lanka more than a decade after the Tsunami and we are still working in Haiti to alleviate the problems create by the earthquake there.

Here is an excerpt from the recent newsletter published by the LCIF chairman Chancellor Bob Corlew:-

When service projects are too large for a club or a district to financially support, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is there to assist. A great example of Lions and LCIF working together happens in the midst of disaster.

This summer, the world watched as natural disasters struck around the world. In South Asia, parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh are experiencing devastating monsoon rains. In Mumbai alone, over 1,000 people have been reported killed in the floods. In the past 3 months, LCIF has approved 20 emergency grants to South Asia, totaling US$125,000. In July, flooding in Japan took lives and destroyed homes. LCIF awarded a US$100,000 Major Catastrophe Grant to help the community recover.

In August, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas coast stretching from the Houston area into Louisiana. During one of the worst natural disasters in American history, thousands of people lost their homes and everything they own. Some people lost family members. LCIF immediately awarded a US$100,000 Major Catastrophe Grant to assist in reconstruction efforts. Within two weeks of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma struck Florida and other areas of the Southeast United States, and destroyed much of the islands in the western Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. At the same time, Mexico was hit by its strongest earthquake in 100 years. LCIF has made funds available for two more US$100,000 grants to aid Lions assisting with Hurricane Irma and Mexico’s earthquake. Most recently, LCIF awarded a US$100,000 grant to support Puerto Rico hurricane relief and reconstruction in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the individuals affected by these and other natural disasters.  At the same time, LCIF issues a heartfelt thank you to our donors. Please consider joining them and making a contribution. Donations will continue Lions’ relief efforts around the world, and no gift is too small

Inter pub quiz

On the 20th October, 2017 eleven pubs took part in our Inter-pub quiz, where the same 100 questions were asked in half an hour and the winning pub answered the most questions in the shortest time.

The Cross Keys at Hillam were the winners and were awarded a trophy.

The pub which raised the most money for the club’s charity account also received a trophy.

Again this was the Cross Keys who raised £170.54 of the total £783.89 raised.

Does your pub want to take part? Make a note to contact us next September.