Presentation about Lions Clubs International and Elmet Lions club

We attended the 15th February meeting of the Sherburn U3A group at the Eversley Centre and gave a presentation about Lions Clubs International, from its origins in Chicago in 1917 to its Centennial celebrations last year, covering the international, national and local aspects of the organisation of Lions clubs and focussing especially on Elmet Lions club’s activities in and around Sherburn.

We described how the unique structure of the Lion Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) meant that we always gave aid via local or neighbouring Lions clubs, ensuring traceability amongst other things.

We described the local support that we have given to Athelstan and Hungate schools, the Athletics Group, Peter Pan Nurseries, the Cricket Club, All Saints Church, the Visiting Scheme amongst others.

We will be giving a similar presentation to Milburn WI on the 15th March and will be pleased to come along to other local organisations and tell you both about the our organisation and what we do with the donations which the local community’s generosity has enabled us to make.